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It isn't a dance party without Hella Go-Go!

Go-Go Boots!
Photo by Jon Asher

Everyone loves dancing girls! And we LOVE to DANCE!

We perform with live bands as well as DJ's and we like to groove to many different styles of music. We are not your average dancing girls, make no mistake! We're famous for our high-energy performances and stunning costumes. We will cater our look to suit your event, and we will deliver an eye-popping, hip-shaking vibe that will have everyone on the dance floor!

Let's Dance!

Our energy is contagious and our enthusiasm is irresistible! Tired of the same old dance parties? You need Hella Go-Go! We are highly skilled at Bringing The Party and experts on Having Fun. Let us spice things up for your audience!

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Stay Tuned! We're busy planning our next dance party! See you soon!

Recent Events


Hella Go-Go!
True/False Film Fest 2015

Inspired by the original go-go dancers of the 1960s, Hella Go-Go was founded in 2010 and began performing with local rockers The Wildcat Daddies at events throughout Missouri. Since our inception we have performed with a number of live bands including:

We've also been featured as repeat performers at the Citizen Jane Film Festival and the True/False Film Festival, both of which are well-known for their epic parties!

Our repertoire includes a variety of choreographed routines which showcase our unique and expressive style. We have extensive knowledge of retro dance styles but we are certainly not limited to any one era! From rockabilly proms to jazz piano bars to modern night clubs, we've demonstrated our versatility and unfailing stamina at every opportunity.

Our influences include the likes of The Pontani Sisters, Candy Johnson, The Gazzarri Dancers, and Sandy Sarjeant. They all represent the incredible energy, spontaneity and classic style of 60s go-go dancing that we love best!

Past Performances


Photo by Kayla Huett

This sparkly dynamo is totally out of this galaxy! Prepare to be dazzled and amazed by the gyrations of her heavenly body. Sparkarella will draw you into her orbit and you will be powerless against her infectious energy! Resistance is futile, you must succumb to her command to SHAKE SHIMMY SHAKE!

Cherry Bopper

Cherry Bopper!
Photo by L.G. Patterson

Cherry Bopper has an effervescence so powerful it will zing right into your hearts and hips! This captivating and vivacious dancing wonder will mesmerize and energize you with her dazzling physique! She'll take you to another plane of blissful existence with her dynamic and enchanting movements. She may bop til you drop but she'll NEVER stop!

We got 'Zombified' by Southern Culture on The Skids!

Another funky jam from The Pedalar's Jamboree with Southern Culture on The Skids: Banana Pudding!

Our Wonder Woman routine for the 2013 Citizen Jane Film Festival closing night film, Wonder Women: The Untold Story of American Superheroines

Hella Go-Go as The Fembots in Crebunculous Rising! with The Record Collector at The Blue Note. Halloween 2011.




Interested in booking Hella Go-Go? Smart move!

In order for us to perform at our best, please provide as much as information about your event as possible. Helpful details include the event's overall theme (if there is one), information about the band or DJ, and the stage layout. We are able to provide our own raised dance platforms if space is available.

Our rates vary depending on your needs and we are often willing to negotiate our terms depending on the circumstances. Please don't hesitate to contact us!

Email: gohellagogo AT gmail